Miniature Compressors: Enabling Technology for Compact &  Lightweight  Refrigeration Systems


Aspen mini compressors are exceptionally compact and achieve extraordinary power density. They are available in single cylinder, twin cylinder, vertical and horizontal configurations. Offered in 12V, 24V, and 48V voltage input options and compatible with various current and most of the upcoming low GWP refrigerants, these compressors can be used in a wide range of evaporator conditions and in LBP, MBP, and HBP systems.

An advanced motor drive controller provides variable speed and load following capability for precise temperature control and high efficiency. Click here for our systems expertise from our affiliate Aspen Systems

Product Applications


These high capacity vertical and horizontal mini compressors are ideally suited for mobile or portable refrigeration, cooling electronics, and in numerous commercial appliance types, where space and weight are important

News & Publications

Aspen Compressor, LLC to exhibit at AHR Expo 2020 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, Feb 3-5, 2020,  Booth #5469

Somerset, Kentucky — ASPEN COMPRESSOR, LLC, world’s pioneer of miniature rotary refrigeration compressors exhibits its line of highly reliable, US-made, premium-quality, miniature rotary compressors in AHR Expo 2020 (the world’s largest Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Expo with over 2000 exhibitors and 60,000 professionals attending from around the world) to be held in Orlando,Florida, USA. Aspen’s product offerings on display include the industry leading original 1.4cc and 1.9cc (Aspen)-series single cylinder rotary compressors, the 1.4cc and 1.9cc (Quiet)-series single cylinder rotary compressors and the new 2.8cc and 3.8cc (Twin cylinder)-series rotary compressors both in vertical and horizontal configurations. Additionally, Aspen Compressor will be displaying our new 3000 BTU "Micro Split" portable air conditioner / heat pump, powered by one of our newest horizontal compressors. Come check it out!

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AC/DC Portable Mini Split Air Conditioner / Heat Pump