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Product Applications

Aspen variable speed refrigeration compressors are designed for connection to 12/24/48V DC power supplies and are compatible with various refrigerants including R134a, R124YF, R513A, R404a, 600a, 290a, and most of the upcoming low GWP refrigerants.

Our compressors are quiet and have low energy consumption. They operate in conditions where battery, vehicle, grid, or solar power is available as a direct current electrical source. Our compressors provide compact power, precision control, and unique flexibility, fulfilling a growing need for miniature thermal management systems.


The Aspen hermetic rotary compressor can be used in air conditioning units, water chillers, and commercial refrigeration systems. Because of their small size and light weight design, they can be applied in mobile or portable systems using either battery or vehicle power. This also makes them very suitable for small stationary applications, such as cooling electronic components and assemblies.

Our BLDC compressors can be configured with standard mechanical type thermostats as used in refrigeration appliances, or with electronic thermostats. These are just a few of the many potential applications for our unique compressors.

Compact Refrigeration

Their size, weight, and durability make them ideally suited for mobile or portable applications, including:


  • Portable Cooling Systems

  • Miniature Refrigeration/Freezer Systems

  • Thermally-Controlled Shipping Containers

  • Electronics Cooling Systems

  • Medical Imaging Equipment

  • Beverage Cooling

  • Mini-Chilled Water Systems

Commercial / Industrial

Battery Cooling
Beverage Dispensers
Refrigerated Drawers
Solar Appliances
Marine Refrigerators
Automotive Coolers
Courier Service
Auto Racing

RV & Marine Air Conditioners

Personal Cooling Systems for

First Responders
Mine Rescue & Safety
Emergency Responders
Explosive Ordinance Disposal
Law Enforcement
Homeland Security
Nuclear Power Plant Inspections
Furnaces and Foundries
Construction Workers
Tank Inspection/Repair

Electronics Cooling Systems

PCs and Servers
Liquid Cooled Racks
Guidance Systems
Aircraft POD Cooling
High Power Electronics
Laser Diodes

Rack Mount Server Cooling

Medical Cooling Systems For

Acute Care
Wheel Chairs
Post Operative
Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
Medical Electronics