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Aspen Compressor is the leading innovator when it comes to miniature compressor design. Our DC compressors provide some of the highest power densities ever obtained in vapor compression cooling systems.

Sometimes an application comes along where our standard compressor won't fit the package or mechanical requirements.

At Aspen Compressor, we pride ourselves in the rapid development of custom variations of our existing line of compressors as well as newly designed compressors from the ground up to virtually fit any application or design. Contact us here to inquire about a custom compressor design today.

Systems Solutions

Complete Refrigeration Systems Solutions are provided by our affiliate,

Aspen Systems, Inc.


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Cooling System Expertise

Nature dictates that heat cannot flow freely from a colder place to a hotter place. A vapor compression refrigeration cycle uses the unique characteristics of refrigerants to do the work necessary to pump heat from lower temperature to high temperature.  If your application needs performance at or below ambient temperature, Aspen Systems, Inc. has extensive experience in the development of miniature refrigeration systems to manage your thermal needs. Aspen can develop systems to withstand extreme environments, with minimum size and weight or one that provides highly effective cooling at minimal hardware and operating cost.

Aspen has developed a variety of standard and custom systems for a variety of applications, utilizing our own miniature compressor technology. We specialize in air conditioning, chilled liquid and direct evaporation refrigeration systems. Our advanced compressor and system components, combined with our innovative packaging approaches can result in the highest performance solution at the minimum cost, for your specific needs.

Aspen’s standard ECU-Chill® air conditioners provide electronics cooling in enclosures and transit cases, maximizing performance and increasing reliability and durability in harsh environments. Our Liquid Chillers provide below ambient refrigerant to a cold plate where individual components can operate effectively without overheating in harsh conditions.  Personal coolers are being explored to offer cool relief for personnel exposed to extreme temperatures in their work environment. Our custom designed systems offer thermal management solutions for demanding requirements with minimum weight and volume impact. Custom packaging can be custom integrated into your end-use product. Aspen Systems, Inc. applies its expertise to deliver product solutions for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

To contact Aspen Systems, Inc. and learn how they can provide a complete system solution, please click here.

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